Ultimate Preschool Resource Roundup for Parents

As a teacher, two of the questions I would get most from parent is, “how can I help my child at home,” and “where can I find resources for my child?” Parents want to support their kids at home, but do not always know where to go for resources or how to identify high-quality resources that are best for their child’s development and learning. 

That is the exact reason why I created The Education Edit. As a certified teacher, I know where to find high-quality resources that parents can use with their kids at home!

Today I am sharing the ultimate list of preschool resources. Your child does not have to be in preschool or preschool age to use these resources. I carefully selected resources that are appropriate for the preschool age, give or take a couple of years, and that are interactive, fun, and highly educational. 

All of the resources shared today come from the best website for educational resources: Teachers Pay Teachers. I have purchased hundreds (yikes) of resources from TPT and have loved every single one of them. All of the resources on the site are created by teachers for teachers. However, there are so many great resources that parents can use too! Some products are more so catered towards teachers, but many of these products are great for at-home use!

I do want to mention that most of these products cost money. Every teacher does include freebies and you can search through the site for just free products if you would like. However, you get what you pay for. The very best products cost money. These teachers put in countless hours to create high-quality, educational, and gorgeous products. I certainly never minded paying for some awesome products that helped out my kiddos. And now as a parent, I am still purchasing products to use at home with my little man!

Alright, let’s get into it! Here are the absolute best resources for your preschool aged child…

My Name

One goal for preschool aged children is to learn how to write their name! Below are the very best resources for your little one to learn how to write her name. I included a variety of resources that involve many different senses!


With a total of 52 letters to learn (uppercase and lowercase), fun and engaging activities are a must! In this list, I have included a variety of activities to learn the letters of the alphabet from tracing to dotting to matching. They are all so cute and so fun!

Letter Sounds

Kids this age need to learn letter sounds in addition to letter names. They should also begin to work with sounds in words (rhyming, first sound fluency, segmenting, and blending). Here are some wonderful activities for your little one to explore. There are a variety of activities from matching to games to stew making!

Sight Words

Sight words are super important for reading. They are words that need to be memorized either because they are not phonetic or they are very common (high frequency words). Sight words are definitely a priority for kindergarten, but there's no harm in getting a head-start in preschool if your child is ready! These are fun and engaging activities to practice those sight words!


Math at the preschool age is so much fun! There is a big focus on counting, writing numbers, 1:1 correspondence, shapes, and representing numbers/amounts. These resources are amazingly creative and will help your child to learn these concepts in a fun way!


Centers are extremely popular, especially at this age. Centers are organized with many hands-on activities that are very student-centered. There are so many centers and center bundles that are expertly crafted for preschoolers. I'm linking a few below, but there are honestly so many that I had to narrow it down. There are centers for virtually any topic you can think of. You can also buy bundles and save money by getting a bunch of centers together.


As I mentioned previously, many TPT authors create freebies, but they aren't necessarily all stellar products. I did a thorough search and found a few freebies that I thought would be perfect for at-home use!

As a teacher, and now a parent, I am so grateful for these wonderful teacher authors who work so hard teaching all day and then go home at night to prepare these wonderful resources for us to use! They deserve every cent they make from these fantastic products!

I really hope you check out these resources and that you find them useful!

If you have kids who are older than preschool, keep checking back for more resource roundups!


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