Two Tips to Stop the Homework Battle

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The dreaded homework battle. After a long day of school and work, no one wants to be arguing about homework. The reality is, it needs to get done, and everyone would be a lot happier if it got done without a fight.

As a teacher, I have experienced the horrible work avoidance. Typically it occurs during writing time, and I need to work extra hard to encourage and motivate. The work has to get done and I never wanted to battle it out with these kids every day. Not only that, but arguing with kids is never a good choice. Doing this takes away your authority as the adult, so I really don’t recommend it.

Here are two easy things you can do to make homework time less traumatic…

1. Keep It Consistent

It’s best to have a designated homework time and place. For example, every day at 5:00pm at the kitchen table. Not only should you designate a time and space, you should stick to it! Consistency is the key to almost every kid issue that exists. They need it and they crave it (even if they say they don’t). You are much less likely to experience battles if there is nothing to negotiate. If the times and places for homework completion are random and scattered, it will be much easier for your child to procrastinate and argue about how last Wednesday you let him watch TV instead or how two nights ago he got to play outside before doing his homework. Make it a non-negotiable. Same time. Same place. Every. Single. Day.

2. Model

Kids are easily motivated by those they admire – you! Most of the time kids want to do exactly what you are doing (until a certain age). In addition to keeping the time and place for homework consistent, your child might be more motivated if this time is work time for everyone in the house. Think about how depressing it would be for your daughter to be doing homework while you watch TV or scroll through Insta. I wouldn’t want to be doing my homework either. Now, you are an adult. You don’t need to actually do work. You can take this time to pay some bills (yuck), write out a grocery list, send some emails, find some new recipes for dinner, etc.

Creating a sacred time where the whole household is focused on work will motivate everyone! What else do you do to make homework time easier?

I’ll talk to you soon for the Friday Five!


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