Two Tips For Kids Who Hate to Write

There hasn’t been a single school year without at least one student who despised writing. Head on the table, pencil down, repeatedly using the bathroom and getting tissues. I get it. Writing is challenging and is a higher order skill that requires us to think about what we want to say and then get it out onto the paper.

While I’ve had many students come into my classroom fighting writing, I’ve had few who left the year feeling the same. Here are two tips to motivate your writer…

1. Authentic Writing Tasks

While it’s not a novel, writing lists and letters can help to show your child the necessity and value in writing. Requests normally made verbally could easily become a persuasive essay. If your child wants a new bike, have him write you a persuasive letter. If your child is upset with her sibling, have her write it out in a letter. You can also task your child with writing out the weekly grocery list. These may be small things, but they are important and are part of real life, which will encourage your little one to participate.

2. Journaling

Let’s be honest. Kids are incredibly egocentric. They LOVE to talk about themselves. Journaling provides a great opportunity for kids to express their thoughts and feelings in a well thought out manner. One of my favorite types of journaling is called dialogue journaling. This is where two people write letters back and forth to each other in one notebook. This could be two students, a student and a teacher, siblings, or a parent and a  child. Not only is this great writing practice, but it also fosters stronger relationships and connections. It’s a great way to better get to know your child while also letting him enhance his writing skills.

Let me know in the comments what other tips and tricks you use to encourage writers!

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