Reminder bracelets all parents must have for their kids

I have never personally sent a child to school, but I have been the teacher at school who has received email after email from parents asking if their child handed in a form, bought lunch, etc. Especially with younger kids, it must be so hard as a parent to have to rely on your very young child to remember some sort of clerical task or direction!

In the classroom, teachers use an item called a ‘reminder bracelet.’ They are usually paper and are fastened to a student’s wrist to serve as a reminder. The purpose varies from staying focused to writing their name on their paper.

It occurred to me that reminder bracelets could be incredibly helpful for parents as well.

All you need to do is print them out and secure one to your child’s wrist before going to school. I would recommend using a small piece of tape. Also make sure to orally remind your child of his task (especially if he can’t yet read). When your child is at school and looks down at his wrist, he will remember the task he was given!

I included reminders that I most often received parent emails about and I also left some blank so you can write in your own!

I hope you find these useful and enjoy them!

If you use them with your child, snap a pic and tag @theeducationedit

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