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I rarely paint my nails. There is usually no point since it typically chips and looks terrible within a day or two. I truly love the look of painted nails and I envy those who constantly have a fresh coat of polish. Essie Gel Couture has been widely talked about as an easy at-home gel manicure that lasts much longer than a traditional polish job. If I could find a polish that would last, I would love to paint my nails much more frequently. I decided to give it a try and truly put it to the test as the mom of a wild one year old. 


I purchased the Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish Kit in Take Me To Thread from Target. You can buy each polish color and then the top coat individually, but you save some money if you buy the kit. The kit comes with one polish color and the top coat. The kit only comes in a few colors so that can be quite limiting. The kit cost me around $18.50. It definitely sounds steep, but I’m sure it’s less than a salon gel manicure.


True to Essie’s style, the packaging is beautiful and chic. The bottles are petite as usual, but they have a. bit of a twist to them in the middle. This helps to distinguish between the tradition polish and the gel polish. 


Application was very easy and no different than with traditional polish. Per directions, I applied two coats of the color and then one coat of the top coat. The only difference I noticed was the brush. It is shaped a bit differently and I have to say I enjoyed it. It is almost flatter and wider and makes application easier.


The true test came with time. Typically my polish chips within 24-48 hours. I’ve now been wearing this polish for about two weeks and it has held up so well! My nails are growing out so you can see the polish receding by my cuticles, but other than that, I only had one chip! This was a drastic difference from any other polish I have tried and I was very impressed. I will definitely be purchasing more colors. Now maybe I will be one of those ladies who always has her manicure done 😉 

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  1. I love using the gel nail polish! I now only use gel just because it lasts longer. Like you, i rarely paint my nails. I like to keep things low maintenance, so the gel is perfect for me. Also, love that color on you! I love the muted colors.

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