Petite Friendly Coats

For the longest time I believed I couldn’t wear long coats as a petite woman. I was afraid of looking swallowed up and awkward in an oversized coat. The truth is, with the right outfits, longline coats can look great on petite women. Focusing on elongating the figure is important, and I recommend high rise jeans to make your legs look longer. Also, wearing a chunky or oversized sweater will make your torso look longer than it really is. Wearing a tight top will emphasize and call attention to a short torso. I don’t normally mind this, but with a long coat, I want to elongate my body as much as possible. I also like to wear ankle boots or heels with a longer coat. Wear calf boots or even otk boots can work against elongating your body. Heels of course will give the height and the appearance of longer legs. Ankle boots also work well to keep the legs looking long. I’ve linked some petite friendly long coats below!

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