Perfect Length Jeans for Petites

Even when I buy jeans in my usual 00 short, they still aren’t quite short enough. While I appreciate that the jeans don’t come down to my toes, it can still be difficult to get the exactly perfect length to wear with booties, sneakers, or slip-ons. I’ve recently discovered that ankle jeans are the perfect solution to this petite problem. Because all pants end up being slightly longer on me than advertised, ankle jeans end up being the perfect length. They are not too short, right at your ankle, and they aren’t too long, way past the ankle. They end up falling at the perfect length and style effortlessly with booties. My favorites have been Abercrombie’s High Rise Ankle Jean Leggings. I prefer jean leggings as they form very nicely to my petite shape. They also have ankle length pants in regular jeans if you look for a style that is less form-fitting. Whenever I’m looking to style my favorite chelsea boots, I always grab these ankle jean leggings as they work perfectly!

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