Five Things I’ve Learned in my First Year as a Mom

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Today’s post is quite different. It’s not even about education per se. My baby boy is one today. I can’t believe it. I am already so proud of him and I love watching him grow and learn every day.

I’m learning too. This is brand new for both of us. Being a mom is very different than I imagined. Some parts are better, and some parts are more challenging than expected.

Here are five things I’ve learned in this first year…

1. Nothing is About Me

Seriously. Nothing. Even after an 18 hour labor and an emergency c-section, nothing was about me. This was a very hard transition. Everyone is always talking about the baby and thinking about what the baby needs. I don’t blame them. The baby is more important. But those hormones and that new life really throws you for a loop and makes you want just a smidge of attention. The good news is that it passes. The baby becomes a regular part of the family and your life and people even occasionally ask how you are doing 🙂

2. The First Three Months Suck

That was a shock. I was so excited for the newborn phase! Cute and cuddly. The reality is, they are crying all the time (mostly for no reason), pooping a bunch and eating nonstop. They continuously take from you and give nothing back –  not even a smile. Once they smile, it gets a whole lot better.

3. There Are No Breaks

I know this seems obvious, but actually experiencing it is quite different. Before having my son, I worked as a first grade teacher. Those days were exhausting. Teaching 25 kids all day is very draining (and rewarding!). After those long days, I got to go home, put on pajamas and crash on the couch to binge watch some TV. When you have a baby, there isn’t really a break. You need to take care of them all the time (obviously). It can be very exhausting and intense. If you have family nearby, I would recommend having them come and help out so you can get a small break every now and then. It truly helps!

4. I Would Do Anything For My Baby

Again, this feels obvious, but it’s true. I would do anything for my son. There were times he was struggling with severe GERD and vomiting, and most recently we discovered an egg and dairy allergy, the hard way. As a mom, you just want to trade places with your little one so they never have to feel any pain or discomfort. It is very hard to watch your child feel upset or hurt or ill. I am beyond blessed that there have only been these small times of discomfort thus far. But let me tell you, after the trip to the ER for eating some eggs, I sure did snuggle him and let him watch TV the rest of the day 🙂

5. I Am Stronger Than I Thought

I have never considered myself to be a very strong person. I am an anxious person by nature, who does not like change or anything unfamiliar. Being a mom has taught me that I am an incredibly strong person. The last two years of being pregnant and my first year as a mom were very challenging. From my pregnancy (bleeding, failing the glucose screening, testing my blood sugar 4 times a day) to the birth (labor, failed vacuum, emergency c-section with a stuck baby, low apgar) to the first year (severe post-partum anxiety from traumatic birth), I have survived a lot. A lot. When I think back to these things, I initially feel bad for myself. I’ve been working on having a different mindset. I am so proud of myself for remaining strong and surviving some very difficult times. These past two years were so hard. But, I did it! I have come out the other end even stronger. No, I am not completely back to myself, but I am living my life and enjoying my son. I have gone through less than some others and more than some others. I am a strong woman who created and birthed (in my opinion) the greatest little man ever! 🙂

What are some things you have learned through becoming a mom? Share down below in the comments!


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