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The 8×8 Closet Update is a new series I am starting on my Instagram account. In this series I will share 8 outfits from 8 pieces of clothing. After those 8 outfits, I will choose another set of 8 items and share 8 outfits created from those items. The series will continue on with new pieces and new outfits depending on the response to the series!


While I appreciate the slow fashion movement, I personally do not follow it. However, I do enjoy minimalism and I certainly believe in getting the most out of the clothing you buy. Since joining the fashion community on Instagram, I have noticed that many influencers share new outfit after new outfit and do not rewear many of their purchased items. While I absolutely love scrolling through these dreamy outfits, they don’t actually represent most women. In reality, we don’t have endless clothing options or a huge spending budget to constantly create new outfits from new pieces. Each item we buy obviously costs money, some of those items even cost quite a lot of money. I want to make sure that I am making the most out of each item and using it as much as I can, but in a varied way. I’m hoping that this series will inspire others to find new and creative ways to wear their pieces. This can be especially useful for us petite ladies who struggle to find the perfect fit and tend to have several tried and true pieces that we want to wear all the time!

You may already know about the fabulous 10×10 challenge. How is this different? The 10×10 challenge is an exercise that pops up for the different seasons as a way for many people to take a shopping fast to rediscover their closet. They have a similar approach where they create 10 outfits from 10 items. The 8×8 Closet Update is an ongoing series that focuses on getting the most out of your closet. While I’m sure my husband wants this to be treated as a shopping fast, I in fact won’t be fasting from shopping. My goal with these mini-capsules is to really give our closets and clothing pieces a workout. If you want a new piece, get it! Get it, and USE it. I will still be following the current trends and adding pieces to my wardrobe, but I will be showing different ways to incorporate those new pieces into my existing wardrobe so they can get many, many uses. If you want to take a shopping fast or want to rediscover your closet and style as we enter each new season, definitely check out the 10×10 challenge!

If you want to consistently find new and exciting ways to stretch your wardrobe and rock your pieces, read on! 


When I’m curating my 8 outfits, I will only count these core items:










Accessories and jewelry will not count and can be added to any outfit:





Winter accessories 


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